The object of this organization shall be the fostering and the encouragement of a high degree of skill and efficiency in all Fire Departments in the State; to encourage the establishment of schools of instruction for imparting knowledge of modern and improved methods of fire suppression and fire prevention; to encourage the enactment of laws that will protect the lives and property of the citizens of Arkansas, and laws that will give protection to FIREFIGHTERS and create more efficiency in all fire departments in the State of Arkansas, and the cultivation of a friendship among its members and the provision of membership benefits.

The Arkansas State Firefighters Association was formed and has been ongoing since 1920 — it is the oldest and largest association that works for ALL Arkansas Firefighters. The ASFFA is broken into districts across the state (as presented below) that work together for firefighters through Education & Legislation.

The current ten established districts are:

  •   Central
  •   North Central
  •   Northwest
  •   Three Rivers
  •   East Central
  •   South Central
  •   Southeast
  •   Southwest
  •   West Central
  •   Northeast

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